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NCMA Greater San Antonio Chapter (GSAC) Members


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Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
Norma Ann Alba Brooke Army Med. Ctr   210/673-0388  
Jim Albanese Lucent Technologies      
Morris E. Albers       CPCM
Naomi Alvarado 311 HSW/PKV-C naomi.alvarado@brooks.af.mil 210/536-4160 CACM
Wayne Anderson CH2M Hill      
Stephanie Arch DCMDW-GEOPA   210/932-6602  
Angelica Armenta 311 HSW/BC angelica.armenta@brooks.af.mil 210/536-1286  
Keith J. Arney USAF   703/808-2262  
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Donald E. Barnhill Barnhill & Associates, PC dbarnhill@barnhilllaw.com 210/491-9332  
Angel Batkins Brooks AFB angelique.batkins@brooks.af.mil 210/536-5773  
Brian E. Beaudine        
Jonathan Bearce Brooks City-Base jonathan.bearce@brooks.af.mil   GSAC Scholarship and Photographer Chairs
Maria G. Beckett     210/671-1700  
Terry Best Tivoli Systems Inc      
Sharon Bickford USAF     CACM
Chasti L. Biediger Zachry Construction Co.   409/960-6676  
Barbara J. Blackshere SA-ALC SFK      
David Blocker USAr     CACM
Ronald W. Boone Rohmann Svs Inc rboone@rsinsa.com 210/359-1707  
Russell W. Boss GSA-FSS   210/472-6697  
Marc Sonny Bowen USAFE sonny.bowen@menwithhill.af.mil 210/262-7124  
Bruce D. Bray BTG Inc   210/521-1363  
Cheryl Brown 311 HSW cheryl.brown@brooks.af.mil 512/536-2454  
Douglas Brown Gary Job Corps Center   512/396-6610  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Janie B. Campos Brooks C-B janie.campos@brooks.af.mil 210/536-6305  
John G. Caporal USAF   703/588-7029  
Frank Caraballo Veterans Administration      
Steve Cardenas USAF   210/671-1724 CACM
Occie Hudson Carlisle Greater Kelly Development Authority occie.carlisle@kellyusa.com 210/362-7825  
Dean M. Carsello     210/536-6392  
Charles M. Casteel USAFE Contracting Ctr   210/671-1707 CACM
Johnny J. Castro   johnny.castro@lackland.af.mil    
Lucy Cavazos     210/536-2360  
Cristi A. Clement       CACM
Angela Coats   Angieco241@aol.com 210/455-9968 GSAC President
Ronald E. Cone HQ US DoE     CPCM
Sherol S. Courtois 311 HSW/AE sherol.courtois@brooks.af.mil 210/536-2642 CACM, GSAC Director
R. Mike Criss   mike_criss@msn.com   CPCM
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Derek K. Dansby 37 CONS derek.dansby@lackland.af.mil 210/671-6081  
Michael Ray Deaton     210/536-4242  
Lydia D. Decker     210/536-49?? CACM
Gregory Dennis 47 CONS   830/298-5116  
Sonja S. Derry   sonya.derry@lackland.af.mil 210/925-4651  
Rose Mary Dominguez     210/536-3815  
Kimberly W. Drake     210/536-4242  
Charles P. Dupray Jr USN     CPCM
Ronald E. Dupree   ronald.dupree@lackland.af.mil 210/925-8461 CACM
Crystal A. Ebert ESC/HRC2 SPO crystal.ebert@randolph.af.mil 210/565-1271  
Bob Ehrhard Lucent Tech      
Grace Elizalde 311 HSW/PKBA grace.elizalde@brooks.af.mil 210/536-6216  
Carol Estes Brooks C-B carol.estes@brooks.af.mil 210/536-4887  
Sarah E. Eury USAF   210/582-3306  
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Billy W. Fair        
Frank E. Falbo       CPCM
Mary Navarro Farr 311 HSW/PKBA mary.farr@brooks.af.mil 210/536-6212  
Jose G. Flores     210/472-4695  
David M. Foote 311 HSW/PKVH david.foote@brooks.af.mil 210/536-2360 CACM
Michael J. Forbis        
William H. Foster USAF      
John W. Freyling General Dynamics Adv Info Sys john.freyling@gd-ais.com 210/524-8251  
Thomas W. Fritzsche DCAA - AFCEE HDP tom.fritzsche@dcaa.mil 210/536-2160  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
Debbie Gallegos IPI*GrammTech Ltd debbie.gallegos@ipi-gt.com 210/694-4313  
Jorge A. Garcia 37 CONS, Lackland AFB jorge.garcia@lackland.af.mil 210/473-1735 CACM
Maria Garcia USAF Mgarcia@dcaa.mil 210/366-0291 x224  
Norma L. Garza FBS Communications      
Gilbert G. Gonzalez GSA-FSS      
Lisa Gray Brooks AFB lisa.gray@brooks.af.mil 210/536-5275  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Jackie L. Haggerton USAF Civil Service   210/925-7337  
Gary D. Hankins USAr MEDCOM   210/221-4122 CPCM
Jeffrey P. Hardin CPSG/RMK jeffrey.hardin@lackland.af.mil 210/977-3493 CACM
Marcus A. Hart Delta Food Services   210/657-7106  
Jennifer Hastedt PPDG jhastedt@teamllc.net 210/366-7016
James K. Haugen James K. Haugen CPA jkhcpa@flash.net 210/342-3968 Fellow, GSAC Treasurer & Fellows Chair
Ben Heitner Lucent Technologies      
Mary J. Hicks Precision Mfg Co   210/648-3170  
Mike Higdon SBC Communications   210/886-3328  
JoAnn L. Hodges HWS/PKVB joann.hodges@
Dawn Hold Alcoa Fujikura Ltd dawn.hold@alcoa.com 210/208-8971  
Steven E. Honeck SA-ALC/PKOS   210/925-5820 CACM, CPCM
David J. Hood General Dynamics Adv. Info. Sys. David.Hood@gd-ais.com 703-383-3526  
Paticia Hospie Tivoli Systems Inc   512/436-9421  
Sherry L. Houwerzyl MEDCOM   210/916-7617  
Victor B. Howard     210/221-4854  
John D. Hundley USAF   210/925-8233  
Gerald A. Hyndman SA-ALC   210/369-0705  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Belinda B. Idrogo Kalmar RT Center belinda.idrogo@kalmarrt.com 210/244-3984 GSAC Vice President
LeAunna K. S. Ingram USAF leaunna.ingram@
Azanette S. Jacobo Ft Sam Houston      
John A. Jacobson     210/536-5531  
Larry Jaramillo        
Maria R. Jaramillo Universe Technologies mjaramillo@teamllc.com 210/532-4180  
Cynthia O. Jelen Central Contracting Ofc   210/221-4146  
Stephen J. Johnson       CPCM
Catherine A. Jones TX Aerospace Svs Inc   915/695-2406  
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David Keith   david.keith@lackland.af.mil 210/977-2821  
Harold Bryan Kelley H. Kelley Construction      
Edward Kennedy        
Diane R. Kidd USAF   210/310-0222  
David Kieth        
Wanda F. King USAF   210/925-4607  
David Klaus Veterans Administration      
Terry Kleinheksel Lucent Technologies      
Steve Knippa Tivoli Systems Inc      
Ronald Konicek 311 HSW/PKOC ronald.konicek@brooks.af.mil 210/536-3592 CACM
Debbie Kressin Pratt & Whitney Kressidl@pweh.com 210/256-5003  
Norma L. Kreutzkamp 311 HSW/YACL norma.kreutzkamp@
Pauline Kuntz        
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Earline Lagueruela S&C Advertising & PR Elagueruela@scpr.com 210/614-7000  
Joel Lamy Sherikon Inc   210/824-1100  
Janelle Larrison 311 HSW/PKV janelle.larrison@brooks.af.mil 210/536-2399 CACM, CPCM
Roger H. Larsen        
Patricia Larzelere       CACM
Rita Leal USAF rita.leal@
Doris Lenz DeCA lenzda@midwest.deca.mil 210/925-5924  
Juan Ricardo Lopez        
Elizabeth G. Louis The Boeing Company   210/932-5997 CPCM
C. Leo Luna Bank of America leo.luna@bankofamerica.com 210/270-5614  
David B. Lyssy Infinex Technologies Inc   210/226-4100  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Carol T. Machacek AFCEE/ACS (PKVS) carol.machacek@
Rebecca Mackey Brooks CB rebecca.mackey@
Gary MacLane        
Anita Maldonado        
Nick V. Marino The Boeing Company   361-516-8319 CACM
Carolyn S. McCleary SAS/CCO   210/536-2886  
Michael A. McCleary SA Air Logistics Ctr   210/925-7431  
Christine McComas USAF christine.mccomas@
210/977-5483 CACM
Gary W. McCown Brooks C-B gary.mccown@brooks.af.mil    
Sue McElyea     210/822-0494  
Bernard J. McKay     210/205-6676  
Orvis E. Meador II Decypher Consulting      
Dawn M. Melchione Veridian Info Systems dawn.melchione@
Sharon Mendez        
Elaine Mendoza Conceptual MindWorks emendoza@teamcmi.com 210/737-0077  
Rhonda Middleton IBM Global Network Software Sourcing rmiddlet@us.ibm.com 512/823-7487  
John "Johnny" E. Miller Peterman Consulting Associates LLC ttjohnemiller@hotmail.com 512/619-7512  
Robert B. Miller USAF 7th CONS   915/696-3860  
William C. Moening American Postal Ctr     CPCM, Fellow
Thomas C. Molski USAF thomas.molski@lackland.af.mil 210/925-6330  
Sharon L. Money   sharon.money@
Bryan S. Moon        
Doreen R. Moore HQ AFPC/DPKCQ   210/565-4603 CPCM
Blanca Morales NuStar Energy LP blanca.morales@
Katherine Morgenthaler Tivoli Systems Inc      
Phillis J. Morse        
Betty J. Muzio     210/731-1477  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Joyce Nadeau USA AA MEDCOM Ktg   210/221-4128  
Ynuaka Newsom 311 HSW/PKV      
Jackie Newton DCM San Antonio jnewton@dcmdw.dcma.mil 210/928-5157  
Ed Norton URS Group, Inc. webmaster@gsacncma.com 210/321-4998 GSAC Webmaster
Maria M. Ortiz USAF maria.ortiz@lackland.af.mil 210/925-4607  
Maile L. Parker        
Oswald Parker SA Housing Auth      
Joseph S. Peck SRCC - W Fort Sam Houston joe.peck@us.army.mil 210/221-4056 CFCM
Joe Ben Perea USAF   405/734-8128 CACM
Sandra Phillips USAF sandra.phillips@brooks.af.mil 210/536-6333 CACM
Kenneth E. Pownall Lear Siegler Services, Inc.      
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
Michelle Rainey 311 HSW/PKOV   210/536-4887  
Patsy J. Reeves USAF   210/536-6312  
Nicholas Reynolds     804/359-3490 Fellow
Clinton Rhea SA-ALC/LDKJ   210/925-8881  
Walter Roberts Jr USAF   210/543-6712  
Henry T. Rodriguez USAF/ALC   512/925-7337  
Vangie Rodriguez DCMC-San Antonio   210/472-4658  
Martha C. Ros The Wornick Company mros@wornick.com 956/687-9401  
Jade L. Rosales General Dynamics Advanced Info. Systems jade.rosales@gd-ais.com 210/524-8253  
Linda Ruch USAF @ Brooks linda.ruch@brooks.af.mil 210/536-5225  
Blanca E. Ruiz SA-ALC/PKOV   210/925-3100  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Dianna G. Saenz 311 HSW/PKOB dianna.saenz@brooks.af.mil 210/536-6365 CACM
Marc M. Sager       CPCM
Sajid Salgal ARCO   972/509-6452  
Alice P. Sanders 311 HSW/YACL alice.sanders@brooks.af.mil 210/536-4908 CACM
Cynthia L. Sanders       CPCM
Peggy S. Schildt       CACM
Audrey A. Schoellman 311 HSW/PKVB audrey.schoellman@
210/536-2394 CACM
Mary K. Scogin     210/925-4107  
Eduardo D. Sepulveda Veterans Administration   210/617-5106  
Diane C. Sharpe        
Jim Shutt DCMC-San Antonio-South Texas jshutt@dcmdw.dcma.mil 210/472-6746 x121 CPCM, Fellow
Gregory J. Sieffert DCMC San Antonio gsieffert@dcmdw.dcma.mil 210/472-4658 x151  
Carol A. Singleton USAF HSC carol.singleton@
210/536-8360 CACM, CPCM
C. M. Sisco Lockheed Martin Corp charles.sisco@lmco.com 912/923-4266  
Shelly Skipper Lucent Technologies      
Sylvia Neal Small 311 HSW/PKOB sylvia.small@brooks.af.mil 210/536-5773  
Authur D. Smith TX Aerospace Svs Inc   915/695-2406  
Linda H. Smith CDR   210/221-4046  
Steven Smith       GSAC Director
Ruth C. Spencer OO ALC/COR ruth.spencer@hill.af.mil 810/775-3148 CACM
Raymond D. Spiak Brooke Army Med Ctr      
Vivian Spurlock DSS Services   210/734-3060  
Bradley W. Staton HQ AFMC/PKPA   937/656-0379  
Connie L. Steele 67SPTS/PKS   210/977-2821  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Sean E. Thomas Karta Technologies     CACM
Shannon M. Thomas        
Verna Thompson USAF verna.thompson@
Suzanne L. Tilton CECON ACQ CTR      
Carl W. Toepel SA-ALC/LDKJ   210/925-8845 CACM
Clifford R. Trimble USAF   210/536-6575  
Marcia M. Trudeau INS   956/547-1705 CPCM
Kenneth G. Truesdale DCMC Northrop Grumman Baltimore kenneth.truesdale@
410/765-6907 CPCM
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Mary S. Urey USAF mary.urey@brooks.af.mil 210/536-4348 CACM, Fellow
Ralph M. Urias Jr USAF ralph.urias@
210/536-4481 CPCM
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
Sharon Vaca Brooks C-B sharon.vaca@brooks.af.mil 210/536-5766 CACM
William J. Vacek USAA   210/498-9576  
Luz M. Vasquez-Buxo DCMA lvasquez@dcmdw.dcma.mil 210/472-4660  
Gregory Vistuba       CACM
Jim Wade Tivoli Systems Inc      
Raymond C. Ward        
Renee M. Wesley-Case USAF renee.wesley-case@
Charles S. White       CPCM, Fellow
Charles T. Wilcox Jr 311 HSW/PKVH charles.wilcox@brooks.af.mil 210/536-6566  
Winifred Williams USAF winifred.williams@
John H. Wolcott Karta Technologies Inc   210/681-9102  
James M. Woolum HQ AFMC/LGDM james.woolum@wpafb.af.mil 937/257-7367  
Charles A. Wooten        
Leon C. Wulfe Jr Alamo Aircraft Sply Inc   210/434-5577  
Name Organization Pref Email Pref Phone
NCMA / Chapter Position
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Paula Youngling     210/536-5774  
Steve Zamparelli     210/945-4670  
Daniel F. Zatopek USAF   210/925-1132 CACM
Edgar G. Zepeda Edgar Zepeda   512/696-8088 CPCM

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